Dear Columbus: Humble Pie (A.K.A. Tanne Walker and some pots and pans) will be taking a southern road trip until February of 2013 and will be unavailable to receive baking orders for a while. When I come home brace yourself for deep dish apple pies and pumpkin bread and cranberry tartlets and bourbon chocolate pecan everything! I’m already scheming a summer menu full of strawberry-rhubarb mason jar mini pies, blackberry peach buckles, nectarine and plum upside-down cakes, port-soaked cherry brownies, and…

Welcome to Humble Pie, a one woman baking company in Columbus that creates a variety of delicious desserts that are now available for you to purchase! I make everything from cupcakes to sticky buns to miniature pies to peanut butter cups to upside down plum cakes in a cast iron skillet. I use local and organic ingredients whenever possible. I buy high quality butter and eggs but I also make vegan versions of many of my desserts for those wishing to abstain entirely from animal products. I also try to accommodate food allergies to the best of my ability, so if you see something on the site that interests you feel free to ask about ingredients or potential adjustments. Please look around!



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